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Unified Communications (UC) solutions can help everyone in your organisation to communicate, work and share information on a global scale, without boundaries. UC enables the different core technologies within your organisation to work together enabling you to make the most of your existing tools, empowering your people to communicate more effectively and work more productively.

Converging voice, data and video communications over IP networks is now a reality and enables true UC.

UC provides the ability for any user to be contactable anywhere in the world, have their current status or presence visible to others both inside and outside of the corporate network and allows teams of people to work simultaneously on projects in distant locations.

Lanway provides UC solutions securely and cost-effectively to increase the productivity of your workforce and to make you far more contactable by both customers and suppliers.

Instant messaging, presence awareness, video conferencing and on screen call management can now be integrated with voicemail, email, SMS and CRM systems, allowing delivery of messages through your mobile, PC and desk phone. This allows you to be contacted through one number anywhere in the world as if you were behind your desk in the traditional office environment.

Video Conferencing technologies are now an added benefit within UC and allow business travel to be reduced and time management to be improved.

The main benefit of UC is that it allows organisations and users to maximize their resources and productivity.
Why Unified Communications?

UC systems are intelligent solutions designed to meet the communication challenges facing businesses. Solutions are scalable up and down as required so will grow with you. Organisations can choose the best system option to suit them. System benefits can include:

  • Complete voice and data communication solution
  • A traditional phone system or an IP Telephony Server
  • A solution to support both single locations and multi-site networks
  • Basic call centre and voice messaging capabilities can be built-in
  • Video conferencing- reducing the need for business travel and costs
  • Productive out of office hours
  • Protection of current investments in communications

There are also methods that increase productivity by enabling people to communicate easily with others using a range of different communication options. Users can experience the following benefits to increase their productivity, and improve their user experience:

  • Visually rich, presence integration
  • Auto-Set preferred contact method
  • Immediate access to all contacts
  • Selection of multiple contacts for instant communication
  • Single-click conferencing
  • Switching between different modes
  • Powerful phone features through the users device
  • Robust functionality & various device support
  • Working together in real time (in or out of office)

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