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Lanway can provide the latest server solutions for your network – the platform for your server workloads that enable your organisation to function.


Network switches channel data between servers and users. Performance, reliability and resilience are essential requirements for ensuring your data flows smoothly and remains accessible to users.


Multi-site organisations can benefit significantly from better connectivity using WAN solutions from Lanway, whether it is as simple as site-to-site routing, MPLS or advanced WAN technologies, like WAN optimisation, we can make sure your organisation is better connected to work more effectively.

Firewalls, VPN & Security

Protecting the network data, whether that’s at the point the network borders the Internet, or securing data to remote users over the Internet, is a primary concern for any modern organisation and one that Lanway can help overcome.

Working with leading manufacturers Lanway can help protect the network at the border with the Internet using advanced firewall products equipped with the latest intrusion detection and prevention techniques to safeguard the network from threats from Internet based hackers and opportunists, whilst allowing your network systems like email, and web-browsing to operate unimpeded.
As more and more of us work from home we need to enable our users to have access to data from outside of the normal network boundaries, but need to do so in a secure way. Using Virtual Private Network solutions from leading vendors allows secured access to the organisation’s network, but guarantees that any data transported between it and the end user over the Internet is secure from prying eyes. VPNs achieve this by using the latest encryption technologies, where the data is encrypted before it leaves the organisation’s network, and is decrypted on the end user’s equipment, and vice versa, ensuring that the data is only accessible to the intended user.

Using VPN it is also possible to connect multiple sites together using the existing Internet connection as a transport, safely and securely in exactly the same way – encrypting the data before it leaves the network and decrypting at the remote site.

Rack & Power

Designing the right rack and power for your servers, switches and routers is an important aspect of network infrastructure. We will design your rack space with the appropriate rack cabinets that aid both the physical capacity for the equipment and to comply with cooling requirements for high heat producing devices like servers and storage.


Whether it is CAT5e, CAT6 or fibre optic cabling, Lanway have the skills needed to ensure your network cabling meets the requirements of your data demands.

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