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Welcome to the next generation of ‘cloud’ computing services. You can have the power to access corporate or personal data from virtually anywhere, anytime, and on any device, with simple, familiar collaboration and communication solutions. Lanway will provide you with a connection and a remote environment that is secure and flexible to your organisation’s needs.

Cloud computing allows users to access software, infrastructure and storage services over the internet, irrespective of their physical location. Or, to put it more simply, wherever you go, your desktop is always with you. Imagine what that freedom and flexibility could do for your business?

The possibilities really are endless.

There are multiple cloud-based solutions on the market and making the transition from a physical server environment to a cloud-based one is like a journey. Imagine starting off with an IT estate comprising 100 physical servers, all housed on site in a server room. You might then decide to virtualise those servers, so the 100 physical server boxes become ten physical boxes, each running ten virtual servers. The next step after that is moving to cloud, which means no physical servers on site at all. Instead, all the servers are virtual and off site, leading to big cost savings and far greater flexibility.

Lanway can offer a Hosted service:

Hosted solutions from Lanway come in multiple formats to suit organisational needs. A business can simply buy the physical servers and solutions kit and we will host it on our site for a convenient, effective solution. Alternatively we can rent the physical servers and systems to a business making the overheads purely operational.

At Lanway, we also offer a selection of cloud solutions:

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
With IaaS, rather than purchasing servers, software, data-centre space or network equipment, clients instead rent those resources from Lanway as a fully outsourced service. With this service there is a benefit of no capital cost as there is no kit to buy. The costs to a business are purely operational- you simply pay for what you use.
SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS from Lanway delivers software as a service over the Internet, eliminating the need to install and run the application on your own computers. The advantage being it simplifies maintenance and support.

DCoD (Data Centre on Demand)

DCoD is a portfolio of IT infrastructure services from Lanway that allow you to manage and deliver flexible, scalable on-demand applications to your employees. Examples include Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, CRM and many more. DCoD is completely scalable when required. So if you are taking on temporary staff it can be scaled up and back down again with your requirements.

Hosted Desktop

Lanway delivers hosted desktop offerings for a wide range of situations - from always connected users to those requiring flexibility such as mobile users. For connected users, Lanway and its partners, deliver a hosted desktop solution that allows organisations to centrally manage desktops using an off site data centre.

The beauty with all of these solutions is you can mix and match. So, in effect, you could have some physical ‘on site’ servers, together with some virtualized servers, and some in the ‘cloud’. Lanway work with a Co-Location Partner and have premises in major cities in the UK . We can help you to strike the right balance between flexibility, security and cost.

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