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Small to Medium Business at Lanway

As a leading provider of end to end IT infrastructures, Lanway have focused teams dedicated to different industry sectors to ensure our customers’ needs are understood and met. Lanway know that different industries and businesses have varying requirements and drivers for investing in IT.

Businesses no matter what their size rely more and more on their IT for their day to day functions and larger analysis of their opportunties. Small and medium businesses main aim is to grow and become more productive so they can sustain that growth. Even in your downtime you want to know your IT is working for you. Growing businesses need a cost effective IT system and support that boasts flexibility, scalability and security. You only want to pay for what you use, you want maximum uptime and you want to know you are protected and supported if something goes wrong.

IT Infrastructure and communication options for businesses are now vast and Lanway have developed a team of experienced individuals who work solely in the small and medium business space and will offer you a bespoke solution at a best fit price. We will spend time understanding your business and the issues you have in your current functions. This time is essential to offer you the best advice and solution options to improve your business productivity and ultimately increase growth.
Our SMB Team combined have over 40 years of experience in the small and medium business sector and work with some well-known names across a number of industries including manufacturing, finance, legal, retail, leisure and tourism and councils. Our thought lead approach combined with our multi-platform and multi-vendor expertise ensures you receive first class support and advice.

Lanway provide PRINCE2 project management with all our design and installations, and professional accredited support within our managed services programs. Lanway will find a solution to suit you:

  • Do you want access to enterprise software at a fraction of the price?
  • Do you have the level of ongoing IT support and maintenance you need?
  • Do you want access to your network and data anytime from anywhere in the world?
  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan that will protect you from every eventuality?

Our SMB team will find a solution to suit you. At Lanway we build solutions, but more importantly we build relationships and we are looking forward to supporting businesses now and in the future so contact the Lanway Small and Medium Business Team to find out more.

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SMB Team